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Launch of new Stirling Plastic Mirror Backs

Plastic M3000C Class II External Side MirrorM3000C Class II External Side Mirror - Key advantages of these newly designed plastic backs over the previous metal design include enhanced aesthetics, extended life, shape and colour retention, as well as scratch, impact and corrosion resistance.

Stirling Accessories has extended its range of automotive accessories to include newly designed plastic mirror backs.

The recently launched M3000C Class II external side mirror has been designed and manufactured to allow for mirror glass curvatures ranging from 1400mm to 2000mm. A key factor is the mirror back can be used on mirror arms with diameter from 16mm to 28mm.

“These new backs are designed to accommodate all dimensions required by vehicle manufacturers and are fully compatible with existing mirror arms,” says Keith Russon, CEO, Stirling Accessories. “We anticipate that curvatures of glass will be reduced to an even smaller radius in future, to accommodate a wider field of vision for enhanced safety. Key advantages of these newly designed plastic backs over the previous model design include enhanced aesthetics, extended life, shape and colour retention, as well as impact and corrosion resistance.”

Plastic also has environmental benefits as there is less waste during manufacture. Plastic, which can be recycled, helps in the reduction of scrap metals. Unlike raw metals, plastic materials require no processing and offer faster production and installation times. An added advantage is the use of plastics contributes to keeping prices stable for longer periods.

These new components, which are designed and manufactured by Stirling Accessories in KwaZulu-Natal, encompass locally sourced materials. The company, with a rating as a AAA Level 2 B-BBEE contributor, is committed to supporting the local economy, to provide employment in the area and to maximise the use of local materials.

Quality branding gives users the assurance that all Stirling products meet stringent local and international standards in terms of materials, specifications and quality controls during manufacture.


Stirling Accessories maintains AAA Level 2 B-BBEE rating

Empowerdex B-BBEEClick above to download Stirling Accessories’ AAA Level 2 Empowerdex Certificate.


Durban-based Stirling Accessories, specialists in the manufacture and supply of a wide range of quality automotive components, has maintained its rating as a AAA Level 2 contributor to broad-based black economic empowerment (B-BBEE) according to the DTI’s ‘qualifying small enterprises (QSE) scorecard’.

What this means for Stirling Accessories is that customers can recognise 125% of their spend with the company towards their own preferential procurement spend in their B-BBEE scorecards.

“Stirling Accessories has been formally assessed by a SANAS accredited agency, Empowerdex. This broad-based BEE verification agency bases ratings on the Codes of Good Practice and gazetted Sector Charters,” says Keith Russon, CEO, Stirling Accessories. “This evaluation involves the company’s level of compliance to four of the seven empowerment factors identified by the DTI, which include ownership, management, employment equity, skills development, preferential procurement, enterprise development and corporate social investment.”

“Our B-BBEE strategy has had a powerful impact on the expansion and improvement of business operations and we believe this status augurs well for continued growth of the company.”

The company, which was established in Durban in the late 1940’s, makes a substantial investment in the latest machinery and technology to ensure its entire range of automotive accessories meets stringent quality and safety specifications. All Stirling components that require legal specifications, have been awarded SABS certification.

The full range of replacement parts includes mirrors and mirror arms, lamps and beacons, as well as electrical and general components. Reflectors, chevrons and warning triangles, as well as roofs carriers and fishing rod racks are also available throughout Africa.

Stirling Accessories’ Empowerdex certificate can be downloaded left.

AAA Level 2 Empowerdex Rating

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