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Stirling SABS Compliant Fully Reflective Chevrons

Stirling Fully Reflective ChevronStirling SABS Compliant Fully Reflective Chevron

The extensive range of automotive components from Stirling Accessories includes fully reflective chevrons that comply with stringent SABS specifications and provincial road ordinance regulations.

“The company - which is committed to the optimum safety of drivers of all types of vehicles in Southern Africa - adheres to optimum quality and safety standards in the design and manufacture of every OEM and replacement component,” says Keith Russon, CEO, Stirling Accessories. “The Stirling Accessories range encompasses high quality rear view mirrors and mirror arms, lamps and beacons, as well as electrical and general components. The company also manufactures reflectors and warning triangles, as well as roof carriers and fishing rod racks.”

“Critical in this portfolio are robust, non-corrosive chevrons which are designed for clear visibility in all conditions. Chevrons from Stirling Accessories are known to have a longer service life than the other brands on the market. The reflective surface on a Stirling Accessories chevron has a sealed coating which prevents chipping or flaking along the edges. This coating also inhibits the red and yellow reflective tape from fading after extensive cleaning. It has been noticed that on other brands, the reflective ink tends to fade dramatically when solvents are used as a cleaning agent, for example in car wash environments.”

“What most users don’t realise about a chevron is that every angle has to be absolutely precise, according to exact specifications. The company takes pride in the fact that every Stirling component that requires legal specifications, complies with local SABS certification and is also E-compliant to meet European standards.”

These chevrons are available in honeycomb, in widths of 200mm and lengths of 1200mm, 1700mm and 1800mm.

Reflective materials used in the manufacturing of a Stirling Accessories chevron are approved by the SABS prior to application and conversion as a chevron board. Upon application, the chevron is sent for another SABS test, which in effect, means that the reflective surface is tested twice before approval.

These chevrons, which are manufactured locally from Chromadek steel, adhere to SABS 1329 specifications. This range is subjected to stringent testing at the SABS Lighting Technologies Laboratory. This analysis involves sample testing of the yellow and red Reflexite sheeting, as well as the white Chromadek backing. Photometric testing of yellow and red reflective sheeting is conducted before and after weathering.

Tests also involve examination of the rigidity of the signs, the co-efficient of retro-reflection before and after weathering and compliance to the luminance factor before and after weathering.

SABS tests also entail inspection of resistance to impact and scratching of the reflective surface and the Chromadek backing.

The Stirling Accessories manufacturing plant, with the latest equipment, technology and tooling technicians, has the capability to design and manufacture chevrons to a customer’s exact specifications.

The company produces chevrons for vehicles that operate in diverse industries, including transport and freight, general services and defence, as well as and commercial vehicles. Stirling Accessories is also the accredited chevron supplier to three major motor assembly plants in South Africa - Volvo, Toyota and Daimler Chrysler.

The company celebrates over 60 years of business this year.


Stirling marks over 60 Years of Business

rotating beacon with magnetic baseStirling Rotating Beacon with Magnetic Base

“Specialists in the manufacture and supply of quality automotive components”

Stirling Accessories, specialists in the manufacture and supply throughout Africa of a wide range of quality automotive components, marks over 60 years of business this year.

The company, which was established in Durban in the late 1940’s, continues to make a substantial investment to ensure its entire range of automotive accessories meets stringent quality and safety specifications. All Stirling components that require legal specifications, have been awarded SABS certification.

“One of the biggest challenges facing the automotive sector in South Africa today is the need to combat low quality imported components which are being readily accepted as ‘safe’ by the local market,” says Keith Russon, CEO, Stirling Accessories. “The reality is that these inferior replacement parts, which include low quality mirrors, lamps and reflectors, do not meet SABS quality and safety specifications.”

“It’s simple, the local market - including original equipment manufacturers, the specialist replacement sector and general commercial users - needs to be educated about which automotive components are safe to use and why it is worth spending a little bit extra to ensure optimum safety on our roads.”

SABS certification provides a basis on which the market is assured that control programmes at Stirling Accessories are maintained at the highest standards to meet stringent requirements laid down by the listing scheme. The company’s team of tool designers and internal research and development specialists continually improves efficiencies to keep abreast with world-class standards and trends.”

“Quality branding gives users the assurance that all Stirling products meet stringent standards in terms of materials, specifications and quality controls during manufacture. The promise of reliable back-up from a reputable supplier is also critical to market demand. Stirling Accessories has earned a reputation in the automotive industry as products to trust.”

The company, which relocated to new premises in Westmead, Durban, two years ago, has modernised its manufacturing facilities, with the introduction of eco-friendly processes and the latest technological advancements.

The full range of replacement parts includes mirrors and mirror arms, lamps and beacons, as well as electrical and general components. Reflectors, chevrons and warning triangles, as well as roof carriers and fishing rod racks are also available.

Stirling Accessories aligns itself with the broad-based black economic empowerment (B-BBEE) of the country and sees this commitment as an opportunity to work alongside some of the emerging dynamic leaders who are making a positive impact on the economy.

The company has been rated as a Level 2 contributor to B-BBEE according to the DTI’s ‘qualifying small enterprises (QSE) scorecard. What this means for Stirling, is customers can recognise 125% of their spend with the company towards their own preferential procurement spend in their B-BBEE scorecards.

AAA Level 2 Empowerdex Rating

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