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Automotive Component Trends - A shift from Metals to Plastics

Metal to Plastic - Stirling Accessories M401c MirrorThis Stirling Accessories M401C mirror has been converted from metal to plastic materials.

Stirling Accessories, which has manufactured automotive components locally for over 60 years, has kept abreast of the global trend to shift from the use of metals to plastic materials in the fabrication of automotive accessories.

“With the improvement in the quality of plastics, the KwaZulu-Natal factory is replacing the use of metals in the manufacture of some automotive components, like rear view mirror components and attachments, as well as lamps and general accessories,” says Keith Russon, CEO, Stirling Accessories. “Unlike raw metals, plastic materials require no processing and offer faster production and installation times. Other important features of plastic materials include enhanced aesthetics, good colour retention and extended service life, as well as scratch, impact and corrosion resistance. Plastic components are easier to keep clean and also retain their original shape. An added advantage is that the use of quality plastics helps to stabilise prices for longer periods of time.”

The company’s extensive range of automotive components, which comply with stringent specifications including SABS, provincial road ordinance and European regulations, includes mirrors and mirror arms, lamps and beacons, as well as electrical and general components. Reflectors, chevrons and warning triangles, as well as roof carriers and fishing rod racks are also available.

Quality certification gives users the assurance that all Stirling products meet stringent standards in terms of materials, specifications and quality controls during manufacture.

The Stirling Accessories manufacturing plant, with the latest in equipment, technology and tooling technicians, has the capacity to design and manufacture automotive components to a customer’s exact specifications. The company’s research and development specialists continually improve efficiencies to keep abreast of world-class standards and trends.

Computerised CNC machines are used for the tooling and design of the company’s new plastic components, and plastic injection moulding machines are used for the actual moulding of parts.

Stirling Accessories offers a custom design and manufacture service, where all components adhere to exact customer specifications and requirements. The design team works closely with customers to make sure that deficiencies are eliminated and that every product is created to the highest quality and safety standards.

The company ensures all tooling required offers increased service life at the plant and also reduces the production costs of every item manufactured.

Stirling Accessories is committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety on the road.

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